Hillary’s Russia Hoax By Chris Knight

     This is important for Australian readers because we are seeing in real time the absolute lies and hypocrisy of the mainstream media get exposed, without even too much effort or sweat, so blatant they are. Take the Russia hoax, that Russia worked to get Trump elected. That idea was pushed for four years with no evidence, but it turns out exactly the opposite was true:

“The CIA in 2016 asked the FBI to investigate whether Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign had approved a plan to distract from her email troubles by “stirring up a scandal” claiming Russian interference in the election, according to new information declassified Tuesday. Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, in a letter to Congress, said the referral went to then-FBI Director James B. Comey and Deputy Assistant Director of Counterintelligence Peter Strzok. The referral was based on information American intelligence gleaned from Russian intelligence alleging that Mrs. Clinton “had approved a campaign plan to stir up a scandal against U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump by tying him to Putin and the Russians’ hacking of the Democratic National Committee.” The intelligence community did not initially take a position on the accuracy of the claims about Mrs. Clinton, and raised the possibility it was a Russian fabrication. But Mr. Ratcliffe said former CIA Director John O. Brennan did brief President Barack Obama on the claims in late July 2016. According to Mr. Brennan’s handwritten notes, the briefing covered “alleged approval by Hillary Clinton on July 26, 2016 of a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisors to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by Russian security services.” And by early September, the intelligence community referred the matter to the FBI, citing “U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s approval of a plan concerning U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russian hackers hampering U.S. elections as a means of distracting the public from her use of a private mail server.”

     But “crooked Hillary” as Trump calls her is not in jail, and Trump has a job even getting a chance to debate.  This is what faces a rather weak president, who has never challenged the money power. What do you think would happen to someone who did?



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Thursday, 30 June 2022