Hillary Supporters Burn American Flag, Riot, Threaten to Kill Trump After Losing Election by Wallace Klinck

There are some very crude, malicious and decidedly “hateful” elements among his militant “Left” and Establishment adversaries.  We learned today that for his transition meeting with Obama he did not permit any reporters to accompany him and used his own airplane to fly to Washington.  I am sure that he is more than aware of the dangers he may face and hope that he is under constant protection of reliable security forces. 

Historically, being, or aspiring to be,  a President of the United States has been a very hazardous occupation.  I expect that some of his socialist-communist and powerful enemies may stage unruly and violent events designed to provoke retaliation which then will be used to bolster their mob-inciting accusations that he is a “fascist, hater, etc, etc.” 
Many prayed for his electoral success and now he needs the protection of God for which we must pray.  Obviously, the obsequious media around the world is very miffed over Donald Trump’s victory, which displeasure is revealed on their dark countenances even when they attempt weakly to portray themselves as being neutral.  They and their financial backers are not pleased about the prospect of their “swamp being drained."



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Monday, 25 September 2023

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