How the Politically Correct Courts Manipulate the Law By Ian Wilson LL.B.

If only I could get before a court and give them my wisdom and reason, why I could change the world. I have heard this many, many, times, and am sorry to say that it is just not true. On the big questions, courts always come down on the side of the Establishment and Deep State, for the very good reason, that they are part of the team.

For example, the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, much like our Federal court, upheld Maryland’s ban on assault rifles, holding that the Second Amendment did not cover weapons “most useful in military service.” The Court concluded that assault rifles are “devastating weapons of war whose only legitimate purpose is to lay waste to a battlefield full of combatants.” See:

The irrationality of this judgment is evident. “Assault rifle,” is defined, not a fully automatic/ select fire military rifle, such as the US service rifle, the M16A4, but to include even sporting semi-auto rifles which look military, such as by  adding a flash suppressor. Do that and one has a dangerous military rifle!

The US Supreme Court case of Heller v. District of Columbia (2008), said that the Second Amendment did not apply to “dangerous and unusual” weapons that were not “in common use for lawful purposes.” Flash suppressors and large capacity magazines are in fact in common use in the United States. Nevertheless, the courts, at least the lower ones, have engaged in law making of their own.

As I said, we need to change society first, rather than hope for a change in the law to solve magically everything.



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Saturday, 13 August 2022