Immigration is Building a Monster Future for Australia by James Reed

Urban development elites have reported that Australia within 20 years will consist of 30 million people crammed into four super-cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth – where one in three “Australian” will live, if it can be called that. (The Australian, march 1, 2017, p. 6) The rest of the regions will be starved of economic development and will wither on the vine.

However, the super-cities will come to have most of the predictable problems of all other super-cities, such as rising housing costs and costs of living, and resource shortages, not to mention the problem of decaying infrastructure:

As I see it that is the inevitable consequence of mass migration, which makes "killer profits" for the elites in the short-term, but which ultimately leaves burnt-out shells of societies, killing them.

Most importantly, the creation of these super-cities is irresponsible in a time of environmental crises. I do not mean climate change and other pseudo-problems. Water shortages, destruction of top soil, and biodiversity destruction are not very glamorous topics for the Left, but are local threats that really will limit the sustainability of populations.

If there was to be another solar EMP Carrington event – and the Earth just missed one in 2012 – then these super-cities are just going to become super-morgues:

The elites see nations as expendable. Yet, because of the radiation problem there is not  going to be an escape into space. They are stuck here with us, to live or die on the third rock from the sun.



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Saturday, 13 August 2022