Imprisonment for Insulting the EU! By Richard Miller

     Those who insult the European branch of the New World Order will be slammed into the slammer. Europe is definitely worse, more oppressive in the iron fist in the silk glove way than the former USSR, and has in fact learnt lessons in anarcho-tyranny from them, Germany being the paradigm example:

“Federal Council wants to better protect the European symbols such as the flag and the anthem from denigrating. In a bill passed on Friday, the State Chamber proposes a new offense, which provides for the contempt of the European flag or anthem up to three years imprisonment or a fine. So far, the Criminal Code protects only symbols of foreign states and the Federal Republic of Germany against denigration. The Saxon Minister of Justice Sebastian Gemkow (CDU) pointed out that in the spring demonstrators in Saxony marched over an EU flag. Such incidents should no longer be punishable in the future. According to the bill, those who have removed, destroyed, damaged or defaced a publicly affixed European flag must also face a penalty. The draft will now be forwarded to the Bundestag via the Federal Government. He decides whether he wants to take up the proposal of the Landkammer. There are no fixed deadlines for this.”

     It is a disgrace, that will be recorded in history, if records are ever going to be made, that the ordinary European deplorables have let this get to these levels, where only chaos can arise whatever way things now blow. And, blow it must, for nothing can contain the infinite pressure that is building up by the day.



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Monday, 08 August 2022