In Defence of White Nationalism By Peter West

     Open homosexual Alt Right figure, Jack Donovan, who had previously defended white nationalism, the right of whites to defend their own identity,, has now written a piece: “Why I am Not a White Nationalist”:

     Donovan gives various loosely woven arguments, such as the one that white nationalists, at least in America, are disunited and fight more among themselves than the enemy. They are broken people, who “suck.” No statistical proof is offered to substantiate this, being, like most journalism, based on his gut feelings.

     I don’t know how much Donovan gets out and about, but today, most people would “suck” or be pathetic by his criteria, being apathetic and cowardly; not all, but clearly a sizable portion of the population. Otherwise, we would not be in the mess we are in, and since we got in this mess hundreds of years ago, the problem cannot be merely because of the weakness of white nationalists. Arguably, even the enemy elites seem to be getting weaker too, although not as weak as Northern Europeans. And, weak they may now be, but that is no argument for giving up. The point is to try and save that which is noble so that the future can be rebuilt.

     Donovan favours a highly decentralised “tribal” community living, which is not inconsistent as such with social credit principles, only it goes to the end of the line in radical decentralisation. But, there is a danger in such retreatism, as I think faces some of the things survivalist John Steele writes about at this site, of not confronting the political issues of the time which are set to swamp your “tribal” community: If America, like much of the West, through the creation of non-white majority populations, erupts into either organised civil war, or just chaotic ethno-racial violence, which seems very likely:, then Donovan’s retreat is going to be swamped and over-run as well in the coming camp of the saints:

     One critic of Donovan has detailed the fate awaiting whites in this world: “Consider, however, a future of non-white domination—and make no mistake, that is whites’ fate unless they act to secure their lands demographically. History has many examples of the slaughter or enslavement of whites. Whites in Rhodesia and South Africa abandoned political autonomy and now face shocking rates of rape and murder, and ultimate dispossession. Small, tribalist groups would be helpless in the face of unified occupiers.

     Even if the descent into savagery can be avoided, whites will face a bleak future as a minority. There will be no such liberty in a non-white America. Taxes will soar. Gun rights will vanish. First Amendment protections will be a memory (some of Mr. Donovan’s writing may be deemed criminal). Groups based on exclusion may be outlawed entirely. Whites will be ruled by people with deep historical grudges, and nothing will prevent them from making whites miserable.”

     This scenario, for us, is one definitely worth fighting against.



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Monday, 25 September 2023

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