India vs Pakistan By James Reed

     The good news is that the impending nuclear war between the US and North Korea has been postponed for a little while. Chubby Kim seems willing to talk, but it could all be 4-dimensional chess, as he plays the soft West. We will see. But, then there is India and Pakistan, living proof of the joy of multiculturalism: 

“As the world quietly goes about their business, Pakistan has vowed to get revenge on India after an attack.  The tensions between the two nations are quickly spiraling out of control leading many to wonder if World War 3 will break out in the area soon. According to the Express UK, the devastating attack from India along the contested border known as the Line of Control (LoC) as tensions between the two South Asian nations flare, a retired soldier has claimed. The LoC splits the region of Kashmir, with Pakistan owning one side and India, the other. The region of Kashmir has beencontested by both countries for decades causing high levels of tensions between the neighboring states. Fayaz Ahmad, a politician from the Kashmir region of India, stated that announcements were made over some loudspeakers on the Pakistan side of Balakote that have declared acts of “retaliation” will take place. 

“They said that India has killed many of our soldiers, we will take revenge for it after we bury our dead today. People are advised to take safety precautions,” said Ahmad. Another resident in the region, Naseer Ahmad, spoke of “bombs exploding” and bullets being fired in the midst of heavy shelling. “All one could hear was the sound of bullets hitting tin or bombs exploding. The firing continued from morning till evening. We could see smoke from the hills around us. We are stressed. We don’t know what will happen when it will stop,” said the resident. On Sunday New Delhi said that Pakistan had been “punished” for its “misadventure”, according to Brigadier Y.S Ahlawat of the Indian Army.  “In a befitting reply, the Indian Army has retaliated accurately with heavy fire on the Pakistani posts which were involved in ceasefire violations,” Ahlawat said.”

     I have always felt that nuclear war will break out again between India and Pakistan, two countries that intensely hate each other, have previously fought each other in four wars,  and who are armed to the teeth with nukes. Further, India clearly sees China as major threat, and seems to be preparing for war on two fronts: 

     Don’t forget to thank Albert Einstein and his friends for giving us this terrifying  world!



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Saturday, 13 August 2022