It’s Hard to Even Keep Track of Terrorist Attacks Now By Peter West

     Another day, another terrorist attack. Although I know that global warming is a myth, it is possible that so many candle-lit vigils will be held, that we may find the poles melting and glaciers, well, turning into slushies!! Of course, I jest: global warming, as Don Trumpeter well knows, is just hot air, as conspiracy to stop the West enjoying the fruits of the good life.

     No sooner than I had completed my masterpiece article on the London bombing, sorry, truck and knife attacks, then we have a terrible terror in Melbourne, with an abduction and killing, with the police shooting the terrorist dead: All of this brought to you from the unfriendly people at ISIS Pty Ltd.

     Hammers and knives, everyday tools are becoming the weapons of choice of the lone wolf terrorist, such as this hammer attack on French police by an ISIS-supporting Muslim student: And then we have the terrorism in the nursery event: “A nursery worker was left with broken ribs after she was kicked to the ground and slashed with a Stanley knife by three women chanting ‘Allah will get you’.
Karrien Stevens, who runs Little Diamonds Nursery in Hermon Hill, London said a member of staff was punched, kicked and slashed with a ‘Stanley knife’ while on her way to work this morning.” My goodness, even play school is not safe anymore.

     There is a lot about the Australian and other attacks in The Australian today, which is June 7, 2017, as I write. We need to do more about Islamic extremism, blah, blah, the truth needs to be told about “radicalised refugees,” blah, more blah. Whatever must be done, ignore Pauline Hanson’s urging for a ban on Muslim immigration (p. 4). Such a ban “seems unnecessary and potentially counter-productive.” Nothing must ever diminish immigration by a single migrant. Migration is more sacred than Christian doctrines were during the Medieval period. Migration is both money and ethno-demographic dilution of Anglo-Saxon Australia, so how could it not be full of nutrients and multicultural goodness?

     But, as pointed out by Donald Trump Junior–Eric Trump,, it is simply not possible to determine who is a terrorist, or who, among Muslim migrants will become radicalised and become one. If one cannot determine this, then a blanket ban is justified on national security terms. There is problem enough with home-grown terrorists, and who knows what the future will bring, especially in an age of economic decline.

     Hence, Hanson is right, but the migration mad modern West has accepted immigration as a religion, and the elites sitting in the shadows see migration as an excellent way of demographically swamping Northern Europeans. They may succeed in doing this, given the level of deracination and pathetic cuckoldness that modernity and decadent affluence has produced in White  populations, but with globalisation, the fall of the West will mean the fall in total of their New World Order too, even if it is based on China and India. The whole stack of dominos collapse.

     In the end, even on the worst-case scenario, nobody wins. That is, unless the goal of the Dark Lords of Mordor is to die on this burnt-out earth with us, because colonising mars, is a long way off, if at all:



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Sunday, 25 September 2022