Killing Seal Team Six By John Steele

         I found these claims fascinating, that Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden ended Seal Team Six, literally:

“A trove of evidence is being incrementally released showing that Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden knowingly and deliberately executed SEAL Team Six because the unit knew too much about the treason being committed by the Obama administration.

newly released interview with CIA whistleblower Alan Harrow Parrot (earlier stories from other alt media sources incorrectly spelled his first name as Allan) reveals that Barack Obama personally sent $152 billion in extortion and blackmail money to Iran to cover up the truth about SEAL Team Six, which is blowing wide open just weeks before the Nov. 3 election.

Parrot, a former CIA agent, is the one releasing documents all this week that uncover “numerous crime sprees” committed by Clinton, Biden and Obama concerning the Osama Bin Laden psy-op, weapons running through Syria, and more, all of which took place during Obama’s White House occupation.

“A heavy price has been paid for what we are uncovering, and millions of people want to see,” Parrot admitted in speaking to Charles Woods, the father of Benghazi hero Tyrone Woods. “This is the beginning of the end for the bad guys.”

While Clinton was the one calling the shots, even leaving Obama in the dark until the last minute after the Benghazi operation was already in motion, it was Biden who played the role of outing the existence of SEAL Team Six on national television, ultimately leading to the murder of its members.

Biden also lied repeatedly about the Obama administration allegedly not knowing that SEAL Team Six had requested more security before their gruesome deaths, when in fact it was Biden who led the charge in securing their execution.

“Our military is so well trained and their work is very compartmentalized, and it is the people at the top who make the decisions, and Ty Woods died unnecessarily at the hands of Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and John Brennan,” Parrot says.

Parrot contends that he personally negotiated with Iran to transfer Bin Laden to a neutral zone, and that Bill Richardson had agreed to receive him. Clinton later had Bin Laden moved to Abbotabad in Pakistan in 2010, Parrot says, where he waited to be captured by Obama as a “trophy” in support of his reelection.

Things went awry, however, when Iran pulled Bin Laden out at the 11th hour and replaced him with a decoy. SEAL Team Six ended up capturing this decoy and, after learning the truth, had to be extinguished by Clinton and Biden in order to cover up the truth.

“It was a one-way trip, and we have witnesses who say that Hillary and Panetta were threatening Obama that if he didn’t go along with the kill mission that they would go to the press and he would not survive politically,” Parrot says. “That is when they pulled him off the golf course after it was over.”

“The architects were Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, and Paneta,” Parrot went on to explain. “SEAL Team Six killed Osama’s double, based on one of the wives who screamed that and that is why they didn’t save the body. They threw the parts over the mountains, and John Brennan told everyone to lie.”

         As expected the Left-wing so-called fact checkers claim that this is false news, but I don’t believe them. It definitely shows, if all true,  that Biden, Obama and Hillary Clinton are the crime gang to end all crime gangs. However, I do not share the optimism of the above commentary that they will be brought to justice. They are the darlings of the Deep State, and even most antifa burners and looters were allowed to get away with it, so it is unlikely they will come undone, unless Trump triumphs and does not go back to sleep again if he wins.



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Monday, 27 March 2023

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