Killing the TPP By James Reed

     The TPP has had a zombie existence since President Trump crushed the original plan under foot like crushing the head of a serpent. But, the evil globalist elites never give up in their eternal quest to destroy everything of value and sink the nation state, our heritage and future. However, while the program has crept on, it has had its setbacks, such as a blow delivered by the otherwise weak Centre Alliance:

“While Centre Alliance supports open and fair trade, the party will not be supporting TPP-11 enabling legislation," said Trade spokesperson Senator Rex Patrick. "The deal that has been negotiated by the Government is, on balance, bad for Australia." Recently released modelling commissioned by Australian industry heavyweights shows that the deal would result in, at best, a 0.5% increase to GDP by 2030. This figure must be tempered by the fact that the Productivity Commission has found that predictions for growth and jobs from Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) have rarely been delivered because the economic models employed exaggerate the benefits, ignores many of the costs and assume away unemployment effects. The modelling shows Australia's grain exports would not change at all under the deal and all other agriculture could decline. It also shows that durable manufacturing, a key sector of interest to Centre Alliance, would actually shrink under TPP-11.

"The questionable gains discussed in the modelling report in no way balance the negative aspects of the abolition of labour market testing for temporary workers and the inclusion of ISDS provisions that are an affront to our sovereignty," said Rex. Noting the position of other crossbenchers and The Greens, Centre Alliance's decision means that the only way this flawed trade deal can enter into force is if Labor supports the Government.
"The Senate needs to draw a line in the sand. Over and over again it has expressed its concerns about these deals increasing the number of vulnerable migrant workers and allowing corporations to challenge Australia's rights to control its own public policy," said Rex. Labor has stated in its additional comments to the Joint Standing Committee On Treaties TPP-11 report that it "will not waive labour market testing as part of any free trade agreement" and "will not agree to Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provisions in new trade agreements."

"Centre Alliance is presenting Labor with an opportunity to give effect to their own position," said Rex. "Labor should join us in sending a very strong signal that we do not enter into trade deals unless there is clear benefit, strong labour market testing and all ISDS provisions have been removed" "We're not trying to kill the deal in its entirety, we're just trying to cut the cancer out of it."

     The problem is, that to take the full cancer out of the TTP, is to take the TPP out of the TPP! But, that is precisely what must be done. Anyway, my hope is that another Global Financial Crisis, if not the final economic collapse of this fetid system, will bring all of these globalist fantasies crashing down. I get down on my knees before going to bed and pray for this every night. It is worth the pain of what the New Class are calling the coming economic “Armageddon,” for Australia:

     The above article from the Murdoch press gives a good indication of the coming chaos that the elites have unleashed, with a recommendation to go back and read how people survived in the Great Depression; to hold “good money” such as precious metals, gold, silver and platinum, and diversify your income sources, as getting work is going to be harder that we imagine. This will be painful for us deplorables, but remember that lower level elites from the big end of town jumped off buildings during these times. Be careful where you walk in the city, as you do not want to go with them when they confirm Newton’s law of Gravity.



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Sunday, 05 February 2023

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