Leftists in Germany Want to Give the Right to Vote to Their Cats! by Peter Ewer

Oh, I am only joking, just tickling the false news censors. Now we are relaxed, we can note that German Leftists, although perhaps liking to have everyone in the universe who could cement their power do so, their present quest remains with non-citizens: http://www.infowars.com/leftists-in-germany-want-to-give-refugees-the-vote/.

In answer to a survey, about whether non-citizens like refugees should be given the vote, supporters of the Social Democrats (SPD), 63.7% supported the proposal, along with 64.8% of Green Party voters, while supporters of the anti-immigration AfD party opposed the idea by a margin of 96.9%.

If Social Democrats leader Martin Schultz beats Chancellor Angela Merkel, he may enact the measure, as leftist support refugeeism because they know that refugees will vote for their endless expansions of the welfare state. All this in a multicult fascist state, which now defines race-hate to include even the very criticism of the German government’s open borders immigration program: http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/07/08/german-couple-sentenced-migrant-critical-facebook-group/.

Some see this as the last straw before a German civil war: https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/politics/martin-schultzs-wants-to-give-refugees-the-right-to-vote-in-german-election/, as people are being backed into a corner with no escape.

Patrick Buchanan, “Is Secession a Solution to a Cultural War,’ at http://buchanan.org/blog/secession-solution-cultural-war-126571, says that the divisions in America and the West are as great as ever, probably growing. There is what he calls a “fever of secessionism” in Europe, one that is taking root in the United States, as seen in the Californian movement for breaking away from the United States. The progressives do not like it when they lose, so they want to take their bats and balls and go home, forever.

There is an emerging feeling that, as Jim Goad has put it, “There Can be No Living Together,” http://takimag.com/article/there_can_be_no_living_together_jim_goad/print#axzz4a7U7mR80, because the Left are totally intolerant of anything diverging from their position, and are willing to kill you over every difference, and burn everything to the ground, walking away without equal punishment by the rule of law. This is insanity and there can be no compromise with those who have totally lost their marbles: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/jan/11/will-2017-be-year-left-officially-goes-completely-/, or a system that has gone mad too.

As for California, never mind that its infrastructure is decaying perhaps faster than the rest of the United States. As reported, here at Collapse News, http://www.collapse.news/2017-02-24-californias-infrastructure-is-crumbling-just-like-its-culture-freedoms-and-economic-future.html, California’s culture is crumbling, and so is its infrastructure:

“Sinkholes instantly appear on roadways, swallowing cars whole. Dams like the one in Oroville are close to failing, which could potentially kill tens of thousands of people because there is no way to escape the rushing onslaught of water. The power grid is old. And no one seems to have an answer – or even seems at all motivated to fix the problems.”

As Newstarget reported, more than a dozen years ago officials were warned that the Oroville Dam’s earthen emergency spillway was at risk of failing, putting some 185,000 people in danger should it give way. A few days ago, it nearly did, and still the politicians dither.

“I’m not surprised by any of this that is happening right now because we have been delaying maintenance everywhere,” Hasan Ikhrata, executive director of the Los Angeles-based Southern California Association of Governments, told the Daily Breeze.
“I guess that’s testimony of the amount of maintenance needed in California,” added former San Bernardino Mayor Patrick Morris, referencing sinkholes that appear suddenly below roadways and streets.”

It is highly likely that the breakaway California multicult-state will fall apart, sooner than most states. This should serve as a lesson to humanity about the sheer folly of the Leftist progressive agenda; it is simply not sustainable. Massive welfare states, feeding mainly those who seek only to protest and destroy, will ultimately collapse. The sinkholes and crumbling infrastructure are also symbols of the Left’s moral collapse.



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Monday, 25 September 2023

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