Here is something to support our great friends at the Reduce Immigration Write on campaign, which you must read about here:

“Soaring house prices and crowded cities have combined to convince a clear majority of Australians that the country’s immigration push must end. Just 30.4 per cent of Australians now believe the country needs more people, according to a poll conducted by the Australian National University (ANU). This was compared to 69.6 per cent who felt Australia did not need more people, a dramatic increase since a similar poll was done in 2010.
The collapse in support was most prominent among males with just 32.8 percent supporting a bigger Australia compared to 53.4 percent in the 2010 poll.”

     As I have said in post after post for years, immigration is killing this country, all done for the short term profits of the capitalist superclass, not to benefit the little people like us. Our elites have no interest in seeing Australia survive, any more than they do seeing the planet survive, and seek only short-term profit and power, even if they ultimately burn, and their children too. This is a psychopathology, but it is the ruling madness of the age. It is going to burn the West to the ground, and bury it forever, unless the sleepers awake, soon.