Letter to the Editor of THE AGE


Despite Judith Ireland's scepticism ('Nothing sacred to see here', 19/1), Australia Day has now indeed become 'a precious national celebration.' It is an important ritual festival supportive of traditional Australia which is under siege from those who seek to undermine its culture and political order. The majority of Australians recognise that 26 January 1788, marking the constitutional beginning of our nation, is a significant date which should be annually honoured with gratitude to our forebears.


     Ken Wyatt may see British settlement as an 'invasion that ended 60,000 years of unimpeded enjoyment of this continent' ('Become a republic, then change the date: Wyatt', 19/1), but most of us see it from today's perspective as having brought far more benefits to human existence here - for all contemporary Australians - than losses.


Nigel Jackson, Belgrave




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Monday, 08 August 2022