Letter to the Editor of The Australian


If the British government had produced a deal that involved a genuine Brexit, it would have gained acceptance in the House of Commons this week, possibly by a similar margin to that by which May's motion has been defeated; and there would be no crisis. It seems clear that the government has been captured by pro-EU forces and corrupted. This is the latest stage in the deceit that has been worked on the British people since the "Common Market" strategy of half a century ago.


     Your editorial "Crunch time for Brexit deal" (15/1) correctly stated that the Commons must honour the 2016 referendum decision to leave the EU. Unprovable claims that a majority of the British people would now vote to "Remain" should be ignored. Devious attempts to secure a second referendum or sabotage a "no deal Brexit" should be rejected as dishonest. Scare prophecies of what a "no deal exit" would involve should be resisted as lacking credibility. What is ultimately at stake is whether the British people can avoid that subjection to socialist bureaucracy and tyranny that George Orwell warned against.



Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Victoria





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Saturday, 13 August 2022