Liberals Show that Having a Brain is Not Necessary By Brian Simpson

     Back in 1980 I read an article about a mathematics student, who had hardly any brain, and the article had the title: “Is Your Brain Necessary.” It appears that over the years neurophilosophers have been debating this issue, which does seem to raise some problems for the material theory of the mind. 

     However, this is all academic. It is probably the case that a head full of air, and foul air at that, is a common property of the Left. There is no real brain there, only a kind of sponge-like material, which absorbs politically correct nonsense, and pushes it out again out of the oral orifice. Biology is a truly amazing thing. For Guilty Liberals Wringing Their Fat, Soft White Hands Worrying about “White Privilege,” Uncle Len Will Help You!



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Monday, 08 August 2022