Living Now Under the China/Soviet Regime By James Reed

     The corona bug has been a gift from the Dark Lords to the centralised powers. Who would have thought that the power to regulate everything from exercise to bowel movements would come down from the oppressive state so quick? Talk about prison planet:

“New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has joined Australia’s National Cabinet to contribute to the COVIS-19 response, Prime Minister Scott Morrison saying he was delighted to invite his New Zealand counterpart to attend the meeting with all Australian states, territory premiers and chief ministers. Curiously, Mr Morrison suggested to Ms Ardern a similar app to the controversial COVIDSafe app be developed for New Zealand. The app, which is used to trace Australian citizens, allows officials to de-encrypt contact information from the user’s phone on the basis of a positive COVID-19 result. According to Dr Vanessa Teague, chief executive of Thinking CyberSecurity and an adjunct professor at the Australian National University, this “centralised” tracing app “inevitably means the authorities are getting a complete list of your contacts”. Morrison will most likely not be interested to discuss how his National Cabinet “ludicrously delayed reopening of the economy to repair the very mess for which it is totally responsible”.  By entirely trusting the anointed advice of carefully selected medical advisers, writes emeritus professor David Flint, Morrison’s National Cabinet has not just “failed to protect the vulnerable to the high degree necessary”, but it “went beyond the pale in imposing a draconian and wholly unnecessary lockdown”. By assessing the matter from an essentially constitutional law perspective, Professor Flint concludes: 

In clear breach of the [Australian] constitution as originally intended, the National Cabinet imposed massive and unprecedented debt on the people, unlawfully suspending and destroying jobs, small business and much of the economic life of the nation as well as grotesquely limiting the people’s freedom with something approaching house arrest. The [Australian] people never agreed to this coup, this unconstitutional seizure of power … There was never an emergency which justified the use of such extreme powers. As for New Zealand, on March 23, 2020, a month after the country recorded its first case of coronavirus, Prime Minister Ardern announced a draconian national lockdown when it had only 102 cases and zero deaths.  While people can argue the NZ government was only trying to stamp out the virus, during this crisis it has been patently obvious that such lockdown was used to increase the arbitrary power and control of the State over the citizens. “Undoubtedly we now have a tightly-knit oligarchy running New Zealand”, writes NZ political commentator Amy Brooke,  who goes on to say. Initially, most New Zealanders acquiesced to what has been assessed as ‘the most significant impact on human rights in living memory’, with government imposing lockdown level four. However, the estimated number of deaths of those unable to access hospitals for scheduled cancer, kidney, heart and other urgent surgery and care is apparently going to be far greater than from Covid-19. Reportedly, 20.000 operations and 60,000 specialist appointments have been cancelled. This does not include the mental stress and anxiety of some who may well commit suicide, forced into financial ruin, with business collapsing nationwide, the loss of jobs and savings being eaten away.”

     Just have a captain cook at the power the pollies gave themselves; you would think that we faced a zombie apocalypse, with people turning into flesh-eating monsters, as in movies such as 28 Weeks later. What is true for New Zealand, as detailed above, is equally true for the rest of the West, as the final grab for total power is made. I say “final” as I do not see Western civilisation surviving the gutting of its core values, if this continues. We will enter a new Dark Age, if I has not already begun. Tyranny will rule, as never before. It is sad that the sheeple never saw this one coming, but grazed on with the rich pastures of consumer bliss.



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Sunday, 28 May 2023

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