MAGA: Make America Garbage Again! By Charles Taylor

     The world, especially the West, but also the Second and Third Worlds, are rapidly spirally into violence and social breakdown, and we are foolish to ignore this or put our heads in the sand, for we are likely to be kicked hard in the butt by reality:

America, as always is a show case of what is to come, and is rapidly falling apart:,  and we can expect little old Australia to be only a few years behind in the disintegration stakes. The battles of American Civil War II (, are already taking place on the streets:

     First,  there is Baltimore, an example of a city which has become a like of cancerous growth of crime and grime. Here is a recent article describing this cesspool:

“It is hard to believe that Baltimore was once one of the greatest cities in the entire world.  Unlike nearby Washington D.C., Baltimore is a blue collar city that is home to some of the hardest working people in America.  When I was in high school, my brother and I were huge fans of the Baltimore Orioles, and once in a while our parents would drive us from our home in Virginia all the way up to Baltimore to see them play.  As an adult, I spent a number of years living near D.C., and I would take frequent trips up to Baltimore.  To say that the city is in a state of decline would be a major understatement.  Everywhere you look there are abandoned buildings and homes, and as you drive through some of the worst areas you can actually see drug addicts just lying in the streets.  Just like so many other communities all over this country, decades of liberal policies have taken a brutal toll, and now the city is just a rotting, decaying shell of the glorious metropolis that it once was.
There are some sections of Baltimore that you simply do not go into once the sun goes down.  And actually it isn’t a very good idea to go into those areas during the day either.  The crime in the city has gotten so bad that authorities have actually formally requested help from the federal government…
According to The Baltimore Sun Newspaper, the city has logged in 118 homicides today with the projection of >400 murders for year’s end. It’s so bad here that Baltimore’s Mayor has asked the Federal Government for help in attempt to regain control. Even the police union sounds the alarm of an officer shortage leading to decrease in patrols. All of this is occurring as the Baltimore population declines, nearing a 100-year low, U.S. Census says.
Through the end of April, Baltimore was on pace for the highest murder rate in the history of the city.”

     And it is all thanks to the opioid epidemic. Things will get even more interesting when a new opioid called Carfentanyl has its day in the sun. It can kill people instantly, which will make Baltimore something out of the AMC TV series, The Walking Dead:

     Baltimore is one of the leading cities in the coming zombie apocalypse, but maybe Obama town, Chicago, beats even it: The murder rate increased by almost 60 percent last year to over 760, which was more than the rates of New York and Los Angeles combined. Add to this these were over 4,300 shootings. Gang members number in excess of 150,000 vastly outnumbering Chicago’s 12,244 police officers. The gangs are well armed with automatic weapons, possibility grenades and heavier explosive projectile weapons.

     Whites are in flight from these areas leaving them to intensify in racial concentration, and with economic decline comes the vicious cycle of further crime and violence, spiralling into urban chaos. Some Whites have also adopted this same siege mentality and have responded in this fashion: Dangerous times indeed.

     The American situation though is dwarfed by the plight of South Africa, which is falling into a race war: Zulu president Jacob Zuma, has been banned from singing his favourite “liberation” songs, including Bring Me My Machine Gun and Shoot The Boer, because of a court ban, but he is still free to proclaim that land will be seized from White Farmers, while hosting his own  £1m party, where wearing a gold leather jacket, he danced a Zulu war dance, in preparation for war on Whites. Anyone opposing him was a “racist.” Land seizures of white farms would go ahead without compensation.

     Some whites have begun training for the coming civil war, which will be rung in by economic collapse: some townships have 90 percent unemployment, and not all of them are black. One black, opposing Zuma, was quoted by the Dailymail as saying:

“A man, wearing a T-shirt with a photo of Zuma on it, laughed bitterly when I asked him if he had come to the celebrations to support his leader.
 ‘My friend, I have three children I can barely afford to feed, there is no work, so how do you think I can support this crook,’ he hissed. ‘I only came to see if there was food.’
Expressing sentiments I heard repeatedly from other impoverished black South Africans, the 49-year-old added: ‘At least the whites (under apartheid) gave us jobs. Mandela tried to get rid of black and white and make us grey. This clown is dragging us down and down.’
To underline the scale of the country’s woes, 23 years after apartheid ended, business leaders have just taken out an extraordinary advert on page three of the South African Sunday Times newspaper, warning that the State has been ‘captured’. ‘South Africa is in crisis,’ it said, blaming Zuma for the ‘illegitimate acquisition of South Africa’s natural and financial assets’. The government was guilty of ‘propaganda, slogans, racism and lies’ to silence criticism.
The economy is undoubtedly in peril after government bonds were downgraded to junk status. Once a net exporter of food—as neighbouring Zimbabwe was before Robert Mugabe seized land from whites in a programme of ‘racial transformation’—the country is now forced to rely on imports to feed the population.
Unemployment is 90 per cent in some townships, and riots—described as ‘service delivery protests’ by the ANC—are so widespread and frequent they barely get reported.

Crime is rampant — with more than 50 murders a day, many sadistic and barbaric—while South Africa is shamed by an appalling record on rape, with a woman sexually assaulted every 23 seconds.”

     If all of this was put in a fictional movie, the plot would be seen as unbelievable and no suspension of belief possible. But, it is real, in all its horror, as the White farm invasions reveal:

     South African Whites should have retreated from this place long before this, being vastly outnumbered. A deal could have been done with Russia to take the farmers in, even if they left with just the shirts on their backs. At least they would have their lives. They could have rebuilt, easily, and Russia has plenty of land to do this.  White liberals would then be shown for what they truly are, as South Africa burnt:
However, they are choosing to be part of history.



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Thursday, 01 December 2022