Natural Cures By Mrs Vera West

     An update for our older readers, who like me may be struggling to keep body and soul together. First, sugar, not fat, may be the great killer: Cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra has studied the “world’s healthiest village,” which is the village of Pioppi in southern Italy. Residents live often disease-free lives and many reach the age of 100 years. They have plenty of sleep, exercise, and avoid sugar. Fasting also had an anti-aging effect. They did not eat much meat and dairy, but consumed fish, vegetables and they used olive oil. Fear of fat, is leading Western people to eat a high carbohydrate diet, which Malhottrra believes is responsible for a range of diseases.

     One needs to use olive oil, because apart from the benefits that it gives to the cardiovascular system, recent research indicates that extra-virgin olive oil mat help in protecting the brain from Alzheimer’s disease. This is likely to be by aiding in the removal of toxins and intracellular debris which kicks off the neuro-degeneration:

     Men, how is your prostate going? For most men over about 55 years, the answer usually is: just hanging in there. Prostate problems and prostate cancer is an under-research topic, with no research glamour, because it concerns men’s health, and men, in the New World Order, can just die.
Fortunately, there is still some good work on prostate cancer prevention: This study found that ursolic acid from apple peels, curcumin and resveratrol, worked together to “melt away” prostate cancer cells. I imagine that there may be a capsule containing all three on the market; there certainly are plenty of high dose curcumin and resveratrol capsules available.

     I am glad that I don’t have a prostate; one less organ to have to worry about (I had a hysterectomy due to uterine cancer when I was 60 years of age).
Best wishes to all cancer sufferers; good luck and God bless you.



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Wednesday, 29 June 2022