No Bows Please, We’re Trying to Destroy You, After All by Paul Walker

Superstar JoJO Siwa (no, I have never heard of her either, but my 14 year-old daughter has), is a 13-year old Nordic dance sensation, whose thing is wearing large bows: While all this sounded good theoretically, after watching the above clip of her song “Boomerang,” I wondered if her future would follow that of other icons like Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus:;

Hopefully though, she may go down the less degrading path of Nordic goddess Taylor Swift:

Why all this teen girl stuff? Well, when you have a young daughter, they get traumatized by schools banning their favorite girl gear, and they naturally take their anxiety home to dad and mum, if they are lucky enough to have a dad. In Manchester schools have already banned JoJo bows:,  parents comparing the ban to the banning of guns.

Well, I am not sure that the analogy is correct, but I understand. The bows could be in school colours, but it seems to me that the gender agenda here is not to have girls be into traditional beauty. But, if boys wanted to go down this line, well, then it would be a human rights case.



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Saturday, 13 August 2022