No Christianity Please, We’re Islamic Now by Peter Ewer

Does anyone remember the film, No Sex Please, We’re British (1973)? You don’t? Me neither. But if I had seen it, rather than just remembering the title, after thumbing through the film section of the newspaper in the 1970s, I would no doubt feel that it represented the West’s plight today, which is becoming a tragicomic theatre of the absurd:

Christianity has been banned from New Jersey public schools, only to be replaced by, guess what…Islam, the emerging religion of the global elites, at least level 2:

While there has been an active banning of the Christian Bible in schools, US students, notably in New Jersey schools, have been taught about Islam, and given assignments about it, but about no other religion. There is reading and teaching the Quran, reciting the Islamic call to prayer and that Allah is God, and Muslim students are allowed to roll out their prayer rugs and pray to Mecca during school hours.

A case could be made for all of this if there was an equal treatment of all religions, but the articles on the net indicate that this is not so:

The eager embrace of Islam by the Left and the chattering class, at the lower end of the elites (certainly not something done by the higher celestial  financial elites), stems from their hatred of Western civilisation a product of being spoilt by affluence, and hence degeneration and decadence: It is the same reason why the Left, with its fanatical passion for globalisation and one world is quite prepared to do the dirty work of global financial capitalism in supporting mass immigration, taking of course, the moral high ground: The Left are the allies of anti-Western terrorists, and happy to be so:

Jennifer Oriel, “New Right Leads the Fight to Reclaim Western Virtues,” The Australian, March 6, 2017, p. 10, has given her take on this, which is excellent for a piece in the mainstream media, and well  worth quoting:

“The foundational thesis of the 21st-century left is Orwellian doublethink. Codified inequality that promotes minority supremacy through affirmative action law is rebranded equality. The systemic censorship of conservative thought is called free speech. Consistent with its neo-Marxist creed, the modern left suppresses the silent Western majority; punishes politically incorrect thought; undermines the free world by weakening the nation-state system and vilifying Western patriots; purges conservatives from publicly funded institutions; and imposes punitive taxes on wealth creators and hard workers to fatten the parasite class.

The new right is a counter-revolution whose seeds were sown in the 1970s, the decade neo-Marxism took root within the West. As Roger Kimball wrote in The Long March, the new left’s method of gradualism meant “working against the established institutions while working in them”. By almost destroying the liberal in liberal democracy, the left has prepared the ground for totalitarian politics. But it didn’t see the new right coming, whose members hail from both left and right united by the fight for the West. The new right has come to take our civilisation back.”

That pretty much sums it all up: we want our civilisation back, now!



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Saturday, 13 August 2022