No, I am Joe Biden’s Husband! By Charles Taylor

     The manic Left-wing press, and the so-called fact checkers deny it, but you can, listening to the tape, clearly hear Joe Biden refer to himself as “Joe Biden’s husband.” This shows that the guy is senile as can be, and that the press lies through their teeth, anything to get their bunny in to polish us off:

“Joe Biden appeared to suffer another mental malfunction on Friday when he referred to himself as “Joe Biden’s husband.” The presumptive Democrat nominee for president was speaking to the National Education Association annual conference, and union president Lily Eskelsen Garcia touted Jill Biden’s membership in the largely compulsory organization. She then introduced Biden, who said, “I’m Joe Biden’s Husband, Joe Biden.” He didn’t correct himself and launched into his remarks.

     Still give the man the benefit of the doubt: maybe he is married to himself, and has a split personality, just what is needed to rule, as a puppet leader, in a totally insane society.



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Sunday, 28 May 2023

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