No Skeleton’s in Angelina’s Closet, Eh? By Charles Taylor

     The Democrats and other cultural Marxist want to put president Trump in jail for having sex with some porn star, and allegedly paying her to keep quiet, even though many of them are the most sexually depraved people on the planet, or at least vicious:

     Never mind that this is not illegal but a consenting act between adults, and that Bill Clinton has serious rape allegations. But, in the absurd world of Western collapse, this inversion of reality is to be expected. Now enter into this political scene, ageing film star Angelina Jolie, who now may make a presidential run:

     Her main claim is that she has no skeletons in the closet. Well, it took about five seconds to discover from mainstream sources that she was a sexual weirdo, so shouldn’t that disqualify her, or are progressives free to do as they please?

     Best not go there, at least before dinner.



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Saturday, 02 July 2022