No, Women Can’t Fight with Swords! In Defence of Andrew Klavan By John Steele

     Andrew Klavan has received massive flack for claiming that TV shows like The Witcher, which has woman fighting and defeating men, and he rightly claims that women can’t defeat men using heavy medieval weaponry, like broad swords. Of course, he makes the mistake of saying no women can do this, and he gets the weight of the broad sword wrong, but the point remains, that most women would be defeated. What is interesting is that no-one on YouTube defends Klavan, and many sites with men who claim to be experts on blade issues, give the weakest of critiques, some differing little from the standard feminist bs. That would have been common sense not so long ago, but today, even truths like this one, of the physical superiority of men, has to be rejected. The replies go along the lines, that well, there are excellent women fencers, which there are, but fencing is a toy game. And, they argue that skill decides things, as an Olympic woman fencer would defeat a club fencer. So what? We are talking about wearing heavy plate armour, shield and a sword itself probably weighting in at 2 kg at a minimum, not playing with toothpick weapons. Why not put this to the test? That would be good. Anyway, what point is there arguing with the ever politically correct, for as the Rowling’s controversy indicates, even saying that the sexes exist today, is taboo.



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Monday, 08 August 2022