Now, Thanks to Morrison, Millions of Indonesians Will be Here! By James Reed

     James Reed’s iron law of politics is that each Australia prime minister gets worse than the last. I thought it would be difficult for someone to top Mal, but Scotty has done just that in record time as these  articles and video make clear in no uncertain terms:

     Jewish cultural critic Avi Yemini is, as usual, on the ball with this one:

“In his first international speech, the new Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, told his Indonesian audience that a final free-trade-agreement with Australia will be reached by the upcoming Christmas. The Prime Minister described it as a “landmark deal” that goes far beyond any historic trade agreement. This deal will include a “freedom to move” component which will give thousands of Indonesians access to enter Australia. Indonesia is the largest Muslim country and is home to more Jihadis than anywhere else in the world. Shariah Law is widely practised in Indonesia and its barbaric punishments are commonly implemented. This comes only months after a Malaysian woman entered Australia on a tourist visa to carry out a Jihadist attack.”

     If you want what remains of your way of life in Australia to survive, get onto Pauline Hanson and the independents now, by email of phone, whatever, just do it. They need to earn their money. Time is running out, and the globalists are planning to give us a Christmas present that we will never forget. 



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Sunday, 05 February 2023

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