Old Pope Shows His Violent Side By Peter West

     The Pope has given a speech equating violence towards women as equal to profaning God. I am not sure theologically about this, but agree that violence towards women is very bad, perhaps not the greatest sin, but still a terrible evil.

     But we saw the real nasty side of the Pope when he slapped a woman’s hand, who was holding his hand too long. Look closely at the video to see how mean this is, for he should have been able to withdraw his hand without assaulting the women.

     It would be good if the slapped woman presses assault charges against him. Meanwhile he has set up a migrant crucifix in the Vatican, as something politically correct to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

“Pope Francis presided over the installation of a migrant crucifix in the Vatican Thursday, on which he had a migrant life vest placed on the cross in place of the body of Jesus. The ceremony of the hanging of the new cross took place at the end of a meeting between the pope and a group of 33 migrants that the pontiff had flown over from the Greek island of Lesbos. The life jacket on the cross was recovered adrift in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea last July and is believed to have belonged to a migrant who died at sea. “We are facing another death caused by injustice,” Francis said in his address to the migrants. “Yes, because it is injustice that forces many migrants to leave their lands. It is injustice that forces them to cross deserts and suffer abuse and torture in detention camps. It is injustice that rejects them and makes them die at sea.” “I decided to exhibit this life jacket, ‘crucified’ on this cross, to remind us that we must keep our eyes open, keep our hearts open, to remind everyone of the absolute commitment to save every human life, a moral duty that unites believers and non-believers,” he said. The crucified life jacket “wishes to express the spiritual experience that I was able to grasp from the words of the rescuers,” the pope said. “In the Christian tradition the cross is a symbol of suffering and sacrifice and, at the same time, of redemption and salvation.”

     Migration has become the new religion of globalist and cosmopolitan elite. Of course, it always was, but now they can do things that in the past they could only fantasise about. Regarding the Pope, it has been claimed that he openly hates the West, which is the only reasonable explanation of his behaviour:

“In comments last year, Marcello Pera, a prominent Italian intellectual and non-believer, criticized Pope Francis for “openly going against tradition, doctrine, and introducing inexplicable innovations, behaviors and gestures.”
A philosopher of science, former president of the Italian Senate, and close friend of Pope Benedict XVI, Pera asserted that Francis had turned Catholicism into “a Church so outgoing that it can no longer be found anywhere.” In an earlier 2017 interview with Il Mattino, Pera was even more outspoken. In answer to a question about “indiscriminate” welcoming of migrants to Europe, he replied: “Frankly, I do not get this pope, whatever he says is beyond any rational understanding. It’s evident to all that an indiscriminate welcoming is not possible: there is a critical point that can’t be reached.” He continued: “If the pope ... insists in a massive and total welcoming, I ask myself: why does he say it? ... Why does he lack a minimum of realism, that very little that is requested of anyone? The answer I can give myself is only one: The Pope does it because he hates the West, he aspires to destroy it. ... As he aspires to destroy the Christian tradition.”

Two years ago, most Catholics would have found that hard to swallow. But now, the idea that Pope Francis hates the West is beginning to seem plausible. It would explain much of what he says and does — his criticism of capitalism and colonialism, Amazonian initiative and, above all, encouragement of mass Muslim migration into Europe. Does he also aspire to destroy the Christian tradition? Well, he rarely misses an opportunity to criticize traditional Catholics. At the same time, he seems intent on introducing exotic and decidedly non-traditional practices into the life of the Church. The key word, of course, is “aspires.” Does Francis consciously desire to “destroy” the West and traditional Christianity (aka Christianity)? Or is he simply a well-intentioned do-gooder who doesn’t understand the consequences of his experiments? That’s a serious question, but it’s unnecessary to know the answer in order to raise a related question: Whatever the intention, do his policies and programs actually tend toward the destruction of the West and of Christianity? I would say, “Yes, they do.” And I would argue, as Professor Pera does, that they “lack a minimum of realism.” Future historians may well look back upon our era as the Age of Unreality. And many in the Church have embraced this unreality as though it were a newly revealed Gospel.”

     Such is the face of the assault upon the Christian tradition and faith.



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Monday, 08 August 2022