On White, Red and Black Pills By Peter West

     Articles come and go, disappearing like the morning dew on a Spring day. I found this of interest about embracing the black pill, the negativities and pessimism. You know, our brief is to always be optimistic, even if like in that episode of Monty Python “It’s Just a Flesh Wound” scene:

     I read the above again and wondered why I noted it first as supporting my argument, since the essay, as I now read it is all over the place, much like me. Anyway, my point is that nothing guarantees victory in saving this world. From a Christian perspective, the Earth, while created with the rest of the universe as being “good,” was never intended to be eternal, it too will pass away, and was something of a testing ground for the spirit of man. The purpose of life was never about accumulating material things, affluence, plenty, but engaging in a spiritual struggle against evil. That epic quest seems to have been lost sight of in this age of consumerism, economicism and materialism.



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Monday, 08 August 2022