Replaced by Asians By James Reed

     I have grown to like the Brett Steven’s site, because he is iconoclastic, in a time requiring iconoclastic thinking. In the following he makes the point that “democracy,” which basically means liberalism and its discontents, has as its endgame the replacement of whites by system-compliant Asians, who will passively work without rebelling against their masters (as Euro-whites might do): 

“Now people are geared more toward the realization that they are being replaced, and that fast breeding third world groups are closing in with intent to infiltrate, outbreed, and replaced the natives who have their heads in the clouds of distraction and solipsism: The San Gabriel Valley’s Asian American population grew by 22% between 2000 and 2010, while the region’s white population shrank by 17%, according to a study released Wednesday by Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Los Angeles. …The report paints a picture of a region whose demographics are increasingly immigrant. Asians and Latinos now constitute 74% of the population of the San Gabriel Valley, the study finds.

The drama over Africans and Hispanics serves mostly to conceal the real demographic replacement by third world groups that are above average intelligence for their level, aggressive in their desire to exploit business opportunities, and less distracted by the need for social order than the original Caucasian inhabitants. During the Clinton and Obama years, great efforts were spent to redirect public attention to non-issues while avoiding the problem of civilization collapse and ethnic replacement by Asians and other fast-growing groups. Those who serve the new regime will be amply rewarded, and so there are no shortage of “pro-diversity” elites.”

     Eurasian societies though, are less stable than more homogeneous Asian societies, so I suspect that the ultimate aim of the elites in places like Australia will be the replacement in total of the present Euro-Australia with a Chinese version, since China has relative to Anglo-Australia, an unlimited supply of potential migrants. The future will mean the end of everything that conservatives hold dear, including any chance of social credit in this land, since a compliant population will not want to upset the financial status quo. It will clearly involve as well, a movement right away from the Christian roots of the nation, which, as the same sex vote showed, is very far down the track: 

“The prominent African Cardinal Robert Sarah said in a recent address in Belgium that by forgetting its Christian roots the West is committing suicide, “because a tree without roots is condemned to death.” In his meeting in Brussels in early February, the outspoken prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments had strong words both for the leaders of European nations and for certain cardinals and bishops who distort the Catholic faith.

“Not only is the West losing its soul, but it is committing suicide, because a tree without roots is condemned to death,” Sarah said. “I think the West cannot renounce its roots, which have created its culture, its values.” The signs of this suicide are everywhere, the Guinean cardinal declared, and all boil down to a loss of the sense of the dignity of the person as well as a loss of respect for God and his laws.”

     As I said, the West is very far down this path of secularization now, so much so, that the Christian element amounts to mere historical tokenism. This raises indeed grave problems about the survival of Western civilisation, since like a diseased animal, it has lost its will to live and seeks now its debasement and replacement. 



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Saturday, 13 August 2022