Science and Sex differences By Mrs Vera West

     While the gender agenda pushes on the idea that there is no real biological basis to gender, and individuals who have gender confusion and childhood gender dysphoria should have access to corrective surgery – even though it is all a social construction:, hard science continues to find a large number of biologically based sex differences.

     For your interest, M. Gershoni and S. Pietrokovski, “The Landscape of Sex-Differential Transcriptome and its Consequent Selection in Human Adults,” BMC Biology, (2017), outlined 1,559 genetic difference between males and females that are not only related to sex organ differences, but to other organs such as the brain, skin and muscle.
Science is still discovering what it biologically means to be male or female, so even on this basis, let alone with reference to psychological data, there should be a profound questioning of the gender agenda, which takes gender/sex, as a purely arbitrary social construction. Rather, it is the gender agenda, which is a Leftist social construction, a product of bad social science and bad politics:



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Saturday, 02 July 2022