Stephen Hawking’s Crazy Climate Crusade By James Reed

     Well, try and beat this one, in the theatre of the absurd stakes: Physicist Stephen Hawking who really should have had an “s” put on the end of his name, has gone from saying that the Earth will be doomed in 100 years time, to claiming that Trump pulling out of the sacred Paris Accord, will result in the Earth becoming like Venus, with 250 C temperatures, hot enough to melt lead, and yield sulphuric acid rain.

     Even the most fanatical climate changes scientists think that this is a bit much, although it could happen in a billion years or so, when the sun expands and the oceans evaporate. But, that is a long time off, assuming it happens at all.  We will not be here, and hopefully in Heaven with the angels. Some, though, the maths types, will be with the angles, or rather, in Hawking’s case, the curves:;



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Wednesday, 29 June 2022