Here is what a US airline is doing, showing that the “races do not exist” mantra, is just propaganda:

“As the US-Mexico border row continues to rage, AeroMexico is offering US travelers a "DNA discount" to visit their closest neighbor. An ad detailing the perk has gone viral on social media. An airline commercial widely shared on social media is taking on the prejudice that many Americans feel towards Mexico, their neighbor to the south. The two-minute ad for Aeromexico shows Americans explaining how they wouldn't consider traveling to Mexico, with one of them saying "No way!" Another, when asked whether they like tequila and burritos, answers "Yes," but when asked whether he likes Mexico, he replies "No." Having then apparently conducted DNA profiling on those featured, the ad's narrator then rewards them with discounts on flights to Mexico, based on the results. "The more Mexican they are, the more discount they get." One woman, named as Charlotte, looks disturbed when told she is 14.4 percent Mexican. When an elderly man hears he is 22 percent Mexican and therefore eligible for a 22 percent discount to visit Mexico, he replies: "That's bullsh*t, that is bullsh*t!" The ad later shows the respondents warming to the idea of visiting the country because as one woman put it: "I love discounts."

     I love discounts … put that on the tombstone of the West.