The Amazing, the Incredible, Transgender Fish By Paul Walker

     Surprisingly enough, synthetic chemicals, such as the human contraceptive pill and other endocrine disruptor chemicals, flushed into oceans, is feminising fish populations, to such a degree that some species now have transgender      
and intersex fish. Some “male” fish have begun producing eggs:

     I can imagine how this will be used; see, we told you so: sex is just a social construction. And, in this case they may be right, because it really is human activity which is doing this. But, there won’t be any grants or jobs for the fish, only declining fish populations, and ultimate ecological destruction. Is there a lesson in this? Are humans set to go the same way? There are so many scenarios of doom circulating that I am suffering from “doom overload,” and need to see a good comedy just to lift my spirits. Anything with Leslie Nielsen (1926-2010), will be fine: A good scotch would also go down well.



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Saturday, 02 July 2022