The China Threat By James Reed

     At long last America seems to be waking up to the military and technological threat of China, another one of the creations of the global financial elites. As noted in an article at:

“Just the other day, two think-tankers at the D.C.-based Center for a New American  Security (CNAS), Daniel Kliman and Harry Krejsa, raised a warning in Politico, “Is China leaping past us?  With little notice in Washington, Beijing has quietly become an innovation superpower.  How should the U.S. respond?”

     As the authors observed, China’s super-technology reaches far and wide:

This August, China successfully tested the world’s first quantum satellite communication—relying on the physics of quantum entanglement to send and receive provably secure messages.  While the United States faces a regulatory morass around the world-shaking potential of CRISPR gene-editing technologies, China last year announced seven human trials to treat cancer and other ailments.
And the list of Chinese technological achievements goes on.  Moreover, those tech gains are being converted into overall economic gains.  We might note that in just three decades, China has gone from having an economy 1/15th the size of the U.S. to an economy that will be larger than that of the U.S. as soon as next year, 2018.  And with that wealth comes power: it’s the Chinese who are laying down ambitious infrastructure all across Eurasia, further binding them to their export-receiving markets; it’s the Chinese who are re-colonizing Africa, with all its mineral and agricultural abundance.”

     Notice how the evil Left are not on a rampage about China’s imperialism in Africa, but are oh so deeply concerned about statues in the West of pioneers and explores, which are Racist! Racist! Racist!

     Writers at Alt Right websites are also concerned about China’s road to dominance:

     The main point is that China will exploit the weaknesses of the US, the very same things which the chattering class proclaim as its strengths. Against a homogeneous nation, it is difficult to see how, without catastrophe, the West could win this battle, because the forces of dissolution within are too great. Yet, there may be wild cards that come up, which could change the game plan, including global economic collapse, and a financial collapse of China:

     It may well be a matter of which giant falls first.



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Sunday, 05 February 2023

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