The Great Replacement and White Genocide? Are These Just Right Wing Conspiracies? By Richard Miller

     We have all written extensively on the issue of the great replacement, or if one prefers, replacement migration, and the dwindling percentage of white people in Western populations. We have shown the new class, mostly white (or who will soon be classified as “white” by the replacers), gloating over this, while out of the side of their mouths poo-pooing this as a Right wing conspiracy. But consider:

“Emma Bonino, parliamentarian of more Europe, interviewed on the sidelines of the conference The Contemporary, believes Europe’s survival and its welfare needs should come only from the transfer of people from the most populous countries of Africa. “We need to organize a population transfer from Africa and in particular from Nigeria which is the most populous country and in 50 years it will have a greater population than all of Europe. We delude ourselves that it is enough to make a wall and they will remain there, well it is not so.” Anti-White corporate media, which is primarily owned and managed by non-Europeans, claims that the (European) population’s ethnic replacement plan was a hoax invented by conspiracy theorists to spread hatred. Bonino confirms it is a trusted company controlled by White hating George Soros that admits its central role in displacing ethnic Europeans. The promoter of free abortion, tells us today that it would take too long to encourage (European) births and prefers transfer of Africa’s population to Italy, preferably from Nigeria. There were strong indications of this population displacement strategy in reports made at the UN, when they had talked about Europe’s demographic problems. As a solution to the demographic problem of Italy (and other European countries), it was claimed that it was necessary to ‘replace” (as reported in the title of the dossier) an ageing Europe with a massive influx of immigrants from Africa and Asia.”

     But, wait Emma, think it through. Nigeria is at present 50 percent Muslim, and the numbers of Muslims are expected to grow, as well as the percentage per population. So, Europe becomes a Muslim Nigerian colony. Ok, what happens then to the nuclear weapons? Do any of you globalists really think that a lid will be kept on them? And in this scenario, what the hell will it matter anyway?



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Saturday, 13 August 2022