The Green Socialist Pope on Population by Peter West

Now I would not want anyone to think that I am a religious bigot, but as a cradle Catholic, and one now departed from the faith, I believe I have the freedom to make stronger criticisms of Catholicism than my Protestant colleagues do.

All that out of the way, let us turn to the latest adventures of the no-hope Pope. I came from a traditional Latin mass Catholic family. That meant no contraception, openness to pregnancy in all sex, and ultimately large numbers of Catholics, to dilute the rest of the population, and keep numbers up on the pews. Sorry, but that is what it is in sociobiological terms. It is a rather cleaver evolutionary strategy.

Pope Francis though, has now urged “parents to have fewer children to stop over-population of the world”: This is apparently to deal with environmental problems such as global warming, a cause which the born-again Greenie Pope is embracing with gusto. The Pope has said that avoiding pregnancy is not an absolute evil, but just to make things complicated the Church remains opposed to artificial birth control.

What this means, is that birth reductions will be primarily in the West, while Third World Catholic countries will continue to have expanding populations. This Pope is just another communist anti-Western globalist.



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Saturday, 13 August 2022