The Incredible Racist Babies By Mrs Vera West

     With the “race is a social construction” school in dominance of intellectual life in the decadent and decaying West, fanatically pursued in our disgraceful “occupied territory” of the universities,  surprisingly, sometimes, a few drips of truth manages to seep through the thought barriers, to land on the hot desert landscapes of political correctness, to briefly sizzle, then evaporate.

     It seems that race-based bias to one’s own kind now begins at six-to-nine-months, with infants having a preference for their own race and a bias against other races:;
    Once upon a time, this would be regarded as natural, but today, where it is necessary to genocide Whites, primarily Northern Europeans, the Establishment is disturbed at the implications of such studies. Solutions are sought, such as introducing babies, primarily Whites, to non-Whites as soon as possible, to get the whole dispossession  process rolling. You see, it is not good for global capitalism, to have any “us” and “them,” at least as far as the West goes. We would not want anyone to start to think that passive genocide of the White race  is a bad thing, would we?



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Saturday, 02 July 2022