The Rage of the Left; Now Smiling is Racist! By Charles Taylor

     I have known a lot of native Americans in my youth when I worked out West on cattle ranges, and they are good people, loyal and honest. Sure, they are no good around “fire water,” but that is probably an argument for how bad the drink is. Thus, when I saw the story about a group of young white school guys harassing an old Native American Vietnam vet, naturally my sympathies went to a fellow ex-soldier, over rich school kids. Hell, I was a punk at their age and deserved to have my butt kicked. However, then I read:

and see that the issue is more murky. I still don’t blame the chief, but feel that the Left, as usual, have exploited both parties for their own dark political aims.

     The video evidence shows that black Israelites were yelling at the white kids wearing the MAGA caps.In fact, this is what the New York Times says: “There were also black men who identified themselves as Hebrew Israelites, preaching their beliefs and shouting racially combative comments at the Native Americans and the students, according to witnesses and video on social media.” So, did any progressives condemn these racist remarks? Of course not, for the target must now be white people, because open season has been declared upon them. The old Indian, who had a drum, then approached the white kids and began playing it, believing that it would calm things down. The young man featured in the video merely smiled at the Indian, said nothing and did nothing. Yet, on that basis Hollywood politically correct high moral grounders suddenly went into attack mode, screaming RACISM! RACISM! RACISM! Thus, it was racist to do nothing, which now means that whites are by definition, racist. Even if they smile. The level of viciousness by the Leftoids bordered on homicide, homicide for merely smiling. In fact, death threats were made, by the usual cowards who hide behind a computer monitor, and would be incapable of carrying it out anyway because of ground-scrapping testosterone levels. This is a whole new level of white pathology, the final disease state. Can you imagine this happening in China? In any case the social media punks, allowed death threats to be made by Leftoids, whilst censoring conservatives for virtually anything they want to.

     This is a clear example of the genocidal system that has now been created. How can any reasonable person, if there still are any, think that this does not stink to high hell? At least we are getting to see the true monster face of the system that has been created.



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Monday, 08 August 2022