The Rot of Rotherham By Mrs Vera West

     The Rape of British children continues and is so vast in its horror, that police are adding over 100 extra officers to attempt to give the illusion that something is being done, after the police had let this situation fester for years: 

“The biggest investigation into child sexual exploitation needs 100 more officers to tackle the ‘unprecedented scale of abuse’ in Rotherham. More than 1,500 potential victims and 110 suspects have been identified by the National Crime Agency, and figures are expected to rise further. Paul Williamson, the senior investigating officer on Operation Stovewood, told the Guardian his team so far had only been able to contact 17 percent of the of the 1,510 possible victims due to a shortage of specially trained detectives. Mr Williamson also said the investigation needed to be as big as Operation Resolve, the investigation into the Hillsborough disaster, as it was comparable in terms of complexity and scale.” The real kicker in this is: “Eighty percent of the suspects are said to be Pakistani and 90 percent of the victims are white girls.”

     If the race roles were reversed, why, the very heavens would shake with multicultural/multiracial anger! But, since the girls are predominately White, the authorities are just going through the motions. After all, it was political correctness that led to the police ignoring the mass rapes of White children for years: 

     Who says that the white genocide hypothesis is not true after this complicity? 



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Monday, 08 August 2022