The Rumble in Charlottesville: We Will Replace You! By Charles Taylor

     The governor of Virginia, declared a state of emergency after a large-scale clash between right protestors and counter-protestors, including Black Live Matters, antifa and “religious” groups, whoever they are, at the “Unite the Right” protest rally. The protest was over plans to remove a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from a city park in Charlottesville. It sired critical  segments of self-righteous political correctness such as this one, which has everything:

An alternative viewpoint by Mike Adams is this:

“ What’s clear from all this so far, by the way, is that militant left-wing extremists are now attempting to exterminate White culture in America. All the “tolerance” and “diversity” of the Left, it turns out, excludes straight white Christian males, all of whom are denigrated, suppressed and demeaned by the insane left-wing mob whose exclusionary ideas are, by definition, racist and bigoted. Is it any wonder young white males are tired of being marginalized by an insane left-wing mob rooted in totalitarianism and inherent racism against Whites?
“We either have free speech or we have blood in the streets,” explains Stefan Molyneux, conforming what I’ve also said which is that Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter censorship targeting conservative voices is actually a root cause of the escalation of all this violence and social unrest. The radical Left believes that conservative voices have no right to be heard (and no right to even win elections). The Left’s open goal is the complete extermination of White culture (and conservative cultures) in America. In essence, the Left is calling for cultural extermination, yet crying out that they are somehow the victims in all this.”

     Three people died, two of them being police who died after a police helicopter crashed at the scene, although details of why the crash occurred are not easy to find on the net at present.

     The other person was killed by a car attack that injured 19 people. At present the motive of the attacker, James Alex Fields is not known, but he is likely to be from the Right, as the person killed and the injured were from the counter-protest group. But, alternatively, this could have been a mistaken attack by a Leftist on their own. If he was from the Right, we probably would have had it splashed all over the news by now, and you can be sure that if this was a case of Left wing “terrorism,” it will quickly slide down the greasy pole of the news.

     This is all a most unfortunate turn of events, just as any war is, but the protesters see themselves subject to an existential threat, and feel that they are fighting for their lives and culture. It is unlikely that calling then “racists,” “Nazis” and other things from the establishment cookbook, are going to work, so I suppose the system will just have to kill/imprison anyone thinking like this in the future, because “White lives” really don’t matter, when you are being replaced.

     As for the media asking Trump to denounce the Right protesters explicitly, why were they not asking for antifa to be denounced for all of their violence? Why were Trump protesters who committed violence not denounced by the media?
What about media personalities calling on the deep State to kill Trump?

     Civil War II will make Civil War I look like a school picnic:



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Sunday, 05 February 2023

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