The Slippery Slope Towards Totalitarianism, Via Technocracy by Brian Simpson

The concerns about the dystopian impacts of technology are many, and being voiced by a wide spectrum of thinkers. Let us leave aside he issue of the CIA’s snooping into everything electronic, and its erosion of privacy:

The loss of jobs has also been discussed, with automation threatening up to 38 percent of US workers in the next 15 years: The Australian, April 6, 2017, p. 22. That, however, is not my concern today, as serious as it is. The threat runs deeper and challenges what it means to be human and live in a free  society.

The power-mad elites are always dreaming up new ways of destroying everything, and now they want a “global brain” that will allow them complete domination of the planet: The hive mind will become the new collective consciousness of the earth, and our bodies and minds will be linked to it beginning with 5G transmissions. The new 5G cell phone protocol, and developments after it, will produce the internet of everything, connecting the world in the next level of globalisation. Yes, it looks like the elites enjoyed the Matrix movies and wanted to make them a reality.

The IT industry is ignoring possible radiation dangers, because for technocrats, if it can be done, it must be done. Many high energy physics experiments have been conducted even though there is a small probability of destroying the earth, if not the universe:

This globalism on growth hormone and steroids is also pushed by further technological developments, such as in material science, with innovations involving graphene, a one atom thick carbon lattice, which has revolutionary properties, such as being 200 times stronger than steel, but flexible. This is but one part of the nanotechnology revolution, the science of manipulating the small.

As argued by Patrick Wood in his book, Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (Coherent, 2014), the quest is in the first instance, a world dictatorship. But, I think the insane globalist elites want to go far beyond this, and make themselves literally into gods, using technology. They seek to transcend the human and become transhuman:, and that will ultimately involve the elimination of obsolete models, which will mean the demise of people like us.

All of this makes economic and ecological collapse, pretty inviting, as there is not likely to be any escape from the hi-tech dystopia. While many focus concerns about the financial elites, the technocratic elite, the new black wizards of our age, are infinitely more dangerous, because of their modern black magic, which unfortunately works, and is deadly.



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Thursday, 29 September 2022