The Time for One Nation by James Reed

This time round Pauline Hanson is tougher and more politically streetwise. She is speaking up on the big issues of concern to Australian, such as the recent revelations that within three years each child will owe $ 100,000. (The Australian, February 15, 2017, p. 1)

Australia’ gross public debt is set to rise from $ 474 billion to over $ 600 billion in the next three years. The debt burden per capita threatens, under the conventional economic system, to erode away the standard of living of young Australians. Billions are wasted on a multitude of politically correct programmes, that should have been abandoned long ago, but are financed because of the power of the multicult/ethnoracial lobby.

The legions of social credit experts at this site can carry  the analysis to the starry heights, but for us plain folk, this is one area where Pauline can rage against both the Liberals and labor, whose policies have always plunged us in the debt path.

Apart from that there is the continuing controversy over section 18 C and free speech, Islam and immigration. These issues are not going away any time soon, and will ensure that One Nation will continue to shake the pillars of Australian politics.



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Thursday, 29 September 2022