The True Horror of Global Finance By James Reed

     We all tend to think in terms of the nation state, and the threat of world government and all that. But, a sober look at world finance indicates that “nations” pretty much disappeared long ago, in say the 19th century sense of nations. There are still the domestic shadows, but the real mechanisms of control are now completely globalised. An excellent article on the “US” debt brought this home to me, and even though I have been writing on this for decades, I still mistakenly fall back into the 19th century paradigm of nationalism vs globalism; we all do. But, there is only an earth-wide type of gravitational field of finance, and “matter,” that is, what we think are solid “nations” arise from it, much like matter is made up of mostly empty space at the sub-atomic level, and I am no science geek:

“Who owns the huge and growing U.S. national debt? By and large, Americans. Some 70% of the national debt is owned by domestic government, institutions investors and the Federal Reserve. A shade under 30% is owned by foreign entities, according to the latest information from the U.S. Treasury. The nation’s debt climbed to a record $21.21 trillion at the end of June, a 6.9% increase from a year earlier. American institutions such as private and state pension funds as well as individual investors were the biggest holders. They owned $6.89 trillion in debt and absorbed about four-fifths of the increase over the past year. Foreigners, led by the Chinese and Japanese, owned $6.21 trillion. Those two countries have cut their stakes since 2015, but each country still owns more than $1 trillion worth of Treasury bonds and notes.”

     However, as another article explains, from a site which is a bit Lefty, but still with good material, as far as I have researched, the idea of an “American debt” is also an abstraction:

“Far too many people on the center left and center right have bought into the idea that nations such as Russia or China are genuine enemies of the global system, and far too many people on the far left and far right have bought into the idea that these nations represent credible alternatives to the global system. While it is certainly true that the Washington-London-Brussels-Berlin-Tel Aviv-Riyadh axis is the real international ruling class, the Asian powers are merely backwater provinces in the global system that are occasionally unruly. The major Asian nations like Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Japan, etc., whether they are officially “allies” or “adversaries” of “the West” or not, are still just components within global capitalism. They may have large populations, and their nuclear weapons may make them impervious to invasion, but their real function within global capitalism is to provide cheap labor for Western corporations and cheap loans for Western governments. America’s national debt, for example, is bankrolled both by “allies” like Japan and Saudi Arabia and “adversaries” like Russia and China. 

… The way to look at it is like this: Imagine if the USA had about 120 states rather than 50, with 30 more in Europe, and dozens more in the Middle East and East Asia, with Israel (along with Saudi Arabia) being among those states with the most influence, with the other Asian nations being territorial colonies of Western capital.”

     However, following this train of reasoning, it is also a mistake to suppose that there is some sort of autonomous “USA,” other than the mega-corporations which given the illusion of its existence. This is the Deep Global State, existing behind the façade of government, the UN and all politico-military institutions. It took the hyper-elites all of human history to construct this super-complex system, but now the monster of all monsters, the most evil force in the know universe, right next to Satan, lives. How will it end? As I see it, ordinary normie organisations are too weak to put up any sort of real fight against this dragon. It is like an ant defeating a dinosaur. Yet, apparently this monster System is still run by creatures made of flesh and blood rather than evil spiritual beings. They still need animal life support, something which their lust for global dominance is rapidly eroding. Many, as has been covered in past articles, are preparing for collapse by seeking bolt holes in places like New Zealand:

     But, as the planet is poisoned, and as the flames of chaos from their insane policies burn down the world as we know it, they will only be safe for a short time, they too falling victim to postmodern toxins and searing burns from an imploding stem. With the outer-space option still being implausible, there is simply no place left to run.



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Sunday, 05 February 2023

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