The United Nations Must Come A-Tumblin’ Down by Michael Ferguson

Those of us who have been in this movement for a while know that the United Nations is evil and a threat to national sovereignty, aiming for a one world government, the New World Order. It has given us the foundation for legislation such as the Racial Discrimination Act and the tyrannical section 18 C.  The UN is an anti-Northern European institution.

But now something is being done about this. A US Republican-proposed House Resolution has proposed that the United States withdraw from the UN. And it gets better – another bill proposed that the UN cut funding the globalist monster:
The UN would then have to get out of the building in New York.

The bill would also end any military and peacekeeping expenditures by the US and the UN’s use of the US military for its diabolical purposes. The proponents of the bill have said that the American taxpayer should not fund a globalist organisation that works against American interests. It would be good if Australians too could rise up against the UN, but we are behind the curve of history, which seems to be focussed on the US. But America, if it does pull out of the UN, would deliver the kiss of death to this organisation, something long overdue.
To quote Trump’s line from his TV show The Apprentice:
“United Nations: You’re Fired!”

Next in Line: George Soros
Apart from the United Nations, Trump must deal with George Soros who has been conducting a cultural war against him. A recent article:, notes that billionaire socialist George Soros said at the meeting of his financial tribe at Davos, Switzerland, that Trump was “an imposter and con man and would-be-dictator.”

As the article says “Soros has been inciting riots and violence around the country, bankrolling groups and paying protesters to target cops, destroy private property and generally make the country as ungovernable as possible.”
This is someone who should be put on trial for his complicity in the acts which he has financed. He is for more dangerous than the rampaging Leftists he finances.



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Monday, 26 September 2022