The Woke Snow White By Mrs Vera West

     A father in Germany has rewritten the Snow-White story, to give it a feminist spin. What else is new and wouldn’t it be better for this woke German to really get into the swing of things, by simply helping bring in more migrants, so that all of the West’s culture can be transformed? Just become Muslims and be at peace in the quest to reach infinity political correctness.

“A father has re-written Snow White after being concerned that the original taught his daughter her 'self-worth revolves around beauty'. Author Stephan Kalinski, 38, of Berlin, took it upon himself to rework the classic tale after revisiting them at bedtime with his daughter Lena, now five. With some clever tweaks to the plot, Mr Kalinski transformed Snow White from helpless princess to empowered heroine. And there is no 'happily ever after' with a handsome prince, instead the pair end the book as friends with plans to travel the world. He said: 'While reading Snow White to my daughter, she was about three-and-a-half, at the time and loved this story. 'Something really struck me. Snow White is about good vs. evil but essentially, I am teaching her that it is important for you (as a girl) to be pretty and that your self-worth revolves around beauty, doing housework and that she should wait to be saved. 'That felt really wrong and I do not want her to grow up believing that what is important in her life is how she looks. I therefore started changing the word "fairest" to "brave" while reading.' Mr Kalinski then started to change the print so that his daughter could follow the story with him.  He continued: 'Fairy tales are such a powerful messenger for the little ones. 'I see my kids sitting and staring at books and the images inside of them and you can feel them soaking up the information and believing every word written in them. That is so incredibly powerful, especially at such a young age.'”

     No, I am afraid, still too much Western cultural baggage. Everything must go.



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Monday, 08 August 2022