TPP – The Madness of Unfree Trade By James Reed

Here’s a headline for you: “PM Taunts Trump With China Push” (The Australian, January 25, 2017, p. 1) And how is Mal Turnbull doing this “taunt”? Is he raising his fingers to his nose and saying “Nay, Nay!” No, he is inviting China to take the US’s place because he is so fanatical about “free trade.” Never mind that China is one of the most protectionist countries on Earth, that does what it likes.

Never mind that sitting next to this article is in bold: “Fears Grow of China Confrontation Over Disputed Islands,” which says that the danger of a military confrontation between the US and China has grown after Trump’s administration has pledge to defend islands in international waters from being swallowed up by the Chinese dragon.

So what is Mal thinking? Can strategic military sense ever triumph over base level economics? There are so many areas where a China conflict and war could erupt – including Taiwan – that Mal’s free trade deals will threaten national security. But the economic globalist can’t think that way anymore than “Pig Iron” Bob Menzies saw any problem in selling Imperial Japan Australian steel, which was later used in World War II to kill Australians. Economics is incompatible with political rationality.

Fortunately, Japan has given Turnbull an education for siding with China over America and has rejected his lunar idea of having China take the place of the US in the TPP. Why would Japan help feed a nation which it sees as a threat?

Turnbull needs to be taught a lesson on this one. David Leyonhjelm, the libertarian, supported the TPP because he saw it as a way of containing China:  He said:

“The TPP would serve to cement this empire in the face of the bureaucratic behemoth of China. And it would further enrich our liberal democratic empire, so that China's only option to emulate our strength would be to become more like us.
The Greens, Nick Xenophon Team, One Nation, Clinton and Trump each have a pathological fear of China, and yet they oppose the TPP that excludes China. Chinese Communist Party leaders must be chuckling in their chow mein.”

To be consistent he now must oppose it. So contact his office and draw him out on this.
Here are his contact details, cut ‘n’ pasted from his website:

Parliament Office
PO Box 6100
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600
Telephone :         (02) 6277 3054
Fax:                        (02) 6277 5945
Electorate Office
(Principal Office)
Suite 405 Henry Lawson Building
19 Roseby Street
Drummoyne, NSW, 2047
Postal address
PO Box 636
Drummoyne, NSW, 1470
Telephone:       (02) 9719 1078
Fax:                     (02) 9181 5462
Toll Free:           1300 884 092
Connect with David Leyonhjelm
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It is time to sink the TPP for good. And it is time to replace Turnbull, who is clearly our worst PM. Worse even than Julia Gillard, as incredible as that is. Even Bill Shorten looks an infinitesimal better. Mal has everything bad from the politically correct Left and from the economic globalist right, an extremely volatile brew indeed.



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