Trump the Chump Will Not be Re-elected… And Then, Civil War 2.0 By Charles Taylor

     Trump does not get it. He got in because he defended the “deplorables,” the dispossessed majority of Euro-Americans. That meant defending things like free speech and the right to bear firearms. However, he seems to have the deluded view that if he makes concessions on the gun issue, the liberal/globalist establishment will suddenly love him! This is crazy, and shows Trump’s lack of strategic IQ, something which he has self-promoted himself as having.

     He in reality has done little to save traditional America, but the establishment still take him as a symbol of resistance, so he must be destroyed, as a purely symbolic gesture. That Trump went to water on the gun issue is very easy to see from the saga of the headlines, where Trump supported gun confiscation without due process, making US law something like Australian socialist law:

     Even though the mainstream media does not touch this issue, gun owners continue to defend themselves, even with AR 15 rifles, because America has been made into a jungle because of the policies of the liberals, and in any jungle if one does not have an adequate weapon, one becomes prey: 

     Material continues to pile up indicating that the Florida shooting, while not a traditional false flag, was an incident where the authorities held back so that deaths could mount up, making the event a political act:

     We can expect more of this, for the Deep State strategy is clear.



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Saturday, 13 August 2022