President Trump is the very definition of a cuck puppet president, a low intellect fool, used as a tool by the real powers to be of the Deep State and beyond. Thus, he breaks every electoral promise made to traditional America who put him in place, then follows to the letter everything a globalist like Jared whispers in his senile shell-like ear. Harsh, but how else to explain “his” insane decisions, such as now selling arms to Taiwan! Of all things, China sees Taiwan as part of itself, and the case for this is overwhelming, it is like you Aussies saying that Tasmania is part of Australia, only much stronger:

     No sane country should stand in the way of China and Taiwan reuniting in my opinion, and certainly it is not worth a nuclear war over it, as China has said that economic production and business will be as usual. China has already gone on a war footing because of the arms sale’s proposal, the dopiest, and most inflammatory of Trump’s long list of blunders.

“China's military has recently carried out air and naval drills along its southeast coast, the defence ministry has said, in an announcement that came after Beijing demanded the cancellation of a potential arms sale from the United States to self-ruled Taiwan. In a brief statement on Sunday, the ministry described the exercises as "routine arrangements in accordance with annual plans for the military". It said they were held in "recent days". On Friday, China said it would impose sanctions on US firms involved in a deal to sell $2.2bn worth of tanks, missiles and related equipment to Taiwan, saying it harmed China's sovereignty and national security. That announcement came as Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen visited New York on a transit stop to diplomatic allies in the Caribbean, a trip that has also infuriated Beijing, further straining Sino-US ties already affected by a bitter trade war. Prior to leaving for the US, Tsai said the island was facing threats from "overseas forces", in a veiled reference to China. China, which claims self-ruled and democratic Taiwan as its own and views it as a wayward province, had called on the US not to allow Tsai to transit there on her overseas tour.

In a statement on Sunday, Taiwan's Presidential Office cited National Security Council Deputy Secretary-General Tsai Ming-yen as saying Tsai had spoken by telephone with US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi while she was in the US and met with other senators and members of Congress, without naming them. Tsai said Taipei and Washington could forge even closer ties, and also thanked the US for "the importance it attaches to the security of the Taiwan Strait" and the recently announced arms sale, the statement said. The Taiwanese president has repeatedly warned of the threat from its giant neighbour and has vowed to defend Taiwan's security, democracy and way of life. China has in recent years stepped up its military drills around Taiwan, including regularly flying what Beijing calls "island encirclement" exercises and sending warships into the waters around Taiwan.”

     This is a stern warning. The US can no longer throw its weight around disrespectfully, as China is now a military power to be feared, while the US has become a politically correct joke, with much of its military tech made in China anyway. Who know what will ultimate work if push comes to shove.