Twitter Hates Trump but Loves Commo China By Chris Knight

     Talk about enemies within…  twitty Twitter can make the ultimate political raising of the rude finger to President Trump, fact check him, but give commo China a free run:

“Recently Twitter added a “fact check” label to President Donald Trump’s tweets about the concerns surrounding mail-in voting fraud, but the social media site has failed to apply those same fact-checking measures to verified Chinese government accounts that spread coronavirus misinformation on the platform. Breitbart News recently reported on Twitter’s attempts to “fact check” President Trump, this time focusing on the President’s tweets discussing concerns surrounding mail-in voting fraud. Twitter chose to add its own personal “fact-check” to the President’s tweet, Breitbart News journalist Allum Bokhari outlined why this situation is unique in an article writing: Unlike Facebook, which gives itself plausible deniability for fact-checking bias by relying on “third party fact checkers” (almost all left-leaning) to pick and choose what to fact-check and what to ignore, Twitter made the decision to fact-check Trump’s tweet itself, linking to an official “moment” curated by Twitter employees and containing numerous articles from the mainstream media calling the president a liar. In a comment to Breitbart News, Twitter said there was no way for the President even to appeal the dubious “fact-check.”

However, despite the “fact-checking” of President Trump by Twitter, the site has not applied the same standards to other governments and heads of state. In particular, the site has refused to remove or even fact-check posts from Chinese government officials spreading conspiracy theories suggesting that the Wuhan coronavirus actually originated in the United States. In March of this year, Breitbart News reported that Twitter refused to crack down on misinformation from Chinese officials, with the Daily Beast reporting: Coronavirus disinformation spread by senior Chinese government officials does not violate Twitter’s terms of service, a spokesperson for the company told The Daily Beast on Monday. The spokesperson pointed to language on its website, which gives wide latitude to statements from government officials. “Presently,” the company says, “direct interactions with fellow public figures, comments on political issues of the day, or foreign policy saber-rattling on economic or military issues are generally not in violation of the Twitter Rules.” Republican lawmakers Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) and Rep. Mike Gallagher(R-WI) wrote a letter to Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, in March asking the CEO to crack down on Chinese propaganda on the site. The Senators stated in their letter: It is clear that Chinese Communist Party officials are using twitter to disseminate propaganda in the midst of a dangerous global crisis. Even worse, this propaganda obscures and confuses users over the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic and potentially undermines efforts to contain and control the outbreak. We believe this behavior more than warrants their removal from the platform. But just months later in May, Breitbart News reported that according to a study of data collected by the Hamilton 2.0 dashboard of the Alliance for Securing Democracy, a tool aggregating accounts connected to the Chinese government, the Chinese disinformation campaign had been ramped up.

     Thus, could it not be argued, that if tensions between the US and China degenerate into war levels, that these organisations pose a threat national security, and should be dealt with by all of the legislative and executive tricks and treats that are rolled out during war time? That would be good, thanks. Just. Do. It.



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Sunday, 28 May 2023

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