UK Child Rape Gangs Going Strong By Mrs Vera West

     The horrible grooming rape gangs of Britain, comprised mainly of migrants are still operating in Britain, with an average of 177 cases of abuse  a day, like something out of a war zone: 

     Here is some relevant comments about the ethnic dimension of all of this:

“Breitbart London previously reported how an examination of previous alleged child sex offence records published by the NSPCC found that the majority of child sexual abuse cases were taking place in areas with significant ‘Asian’ populations. First came the phrase “Asian” to describe the Muslim men who were abusing young British girls. Then came the phrase “grooming gangs,” as if these rapists were gangs of hairdressers. These terms are used to continue the inexcusable coverup of the large-scale rape and abuse of young girls by Muslim men, and to divert attention away from the beliefs that lead some Muslim men to believe that they have the right to sexually abuse infidel girls who are unveiled.

The UK’s former race tsar Trevor Phillips has said the British establishment must wake up and accept the fact that the men in these type of grooming rings are all Muslim. Police were involved in these epidemic coverups, as were politicians and social workers. Recall the absurdity of Labour MP Naz Shah retweeting to the abused girls to “shut up for the good of diversity,” thus demonstrating the readiness of some politicians to sacrifice anything in the name of “diversity.” Shah is still a member of Parliament. Another Labour MP, Sarah Champion, stated rightly that “people care more about being called racist than preventing child abuse.”

     It is one of the most incredible things of out times that this rape of British children was covered up by the multicult establishment, indicating that it is righteous to oppose them. That though, is not all, as European culture has come under a more fundamental threat from an undermining of traditional Christian culture and values: 

     So much for multiculturalism being about preserving cultural identity under the grand tent of liberal democracy.



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Saturday, 02 July 2022