University Foibles and Funnies By James Reed

     As someone who despises the modern university, which I have argued many times, is the seat of many of our problems, with hardly any solutions, I find almost daily news items of interest to confirm my already well-justified prejudices. The US supplies us with numerous examples of the absurdities of the modern university, and its absolute political bias against our side of politics. Thus, it is “compulsory” for students to participate in protests against gun ownership, and Trump, and students wanting to stay in the classroom have been punished: 

     The student also received death threats for wanting to remain politically neutral. Don’t you like that one: the protesters are allegedly wanting to stop violence, but will threaten to kill anyone who does not agree with them! There can be no limit to the hypocrisy of the Left, who now won’t even have meetings unless diversity quotas are met:

     We await for a system, rotten to the core, to fall.



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Monday, 08 August 2022