Water on Mars: The Great NASA Cover Up? By Brian Simpson

     I previously covered the story about water being “discovered” on the moon, but here is an earlier story that I forgot to write about sooner, about water being discovered on Mars, and how there is a conspiracy angle to the story, which immediately causes my shell-like ears to prick up:

“After years of denial, NASA finally admitted in 2015 that “liquid water flows intermittently on present-day Mars.” NASA said at the time: “It took multiple spacecraft over several years to solve this mystery, and now we know there is liquid water on the surface of this cold, desert planet.” It will be interesting to see what remarks they make about the discovery of a persistent body of water on Mars – if they even acknowledge it at all. Experts say the new findings should put the debate over the presence of liquid water on Mars to rest for good. It’s something that Natural News has been talking about for many years, with Mike Adams commenting in articles and interviews about NASA’s politically motivated cover-up of the existence of water and life on Mars. Natural News has written about the discovery of microbial life on the planet in 1976 with the NASA Viking lander, something the agency scrambled to explain away by calling the instrument’s integrity into question. Nevertheless, onboard gas chromatography backed up the findings – although that was covered up, too.”

     A cover-up of life on mars? That too got my interst, so I checked out the article:

“Gilbert Levin served as the lead investigator of the Labeled Release life detection experiment that was carried out on the two Viking Landers that NASA sent to Mars in 1976. Although his instrument ultimately yielded positive results at both locations, the finding has been largely memory-holed. In a video posted to REAL.video, Levin talks about how his job working for the Health Department of the State of California determining water health inspired him to create his revolutionary approach using radioactive tagging. This eventually led to him being awarded a NASA contract in 1958 to develop a method to find extraterrestrial life, and his method was used in the Viking Missions in 1976. In the video, he details how the experiment worked. Essentially, it entailed adding a drop of specially engineered radioactive food into a small cup of soil from Mars and monitoring the air above it to look for any radioactive gas that microorganisms would breathe out if present.

Few believed this would be successful on Mars, but with the first drop of the nutrient on Martian soil, a big amount of gas came out and was present for the full week of the experiment. Similar results were seen at the other landing site 4,000 miles away. Could it have been related to chemicals in the soil rather than microorganisms? Just in case, they had an experiment ready to figure this out. They took a duplicate sample of the same soil and heated it to 160 degrees C to kill any microorganisms – a temperature that would at least kill those known on Earth – but not so high that it would destroy any oxidizing chemicals that would give a false positive. This “control” was carried out more than once and replicated on Viking 1 and Viking 2, ruling out the possibility that chemicals were responsible. In addition, the active sample was held in a chamber and after a few months, nothing showed up on the test, likely indicating that the microorganisms had died.”

     Perhaps this is true. What then is the position of Christianity and extraterrestrial life? There is not as much Christian writing on this topic as I would have expected, but in general, it is usually argued that humans having souls and being made in God’s image does not preclude the existence of lower life forms on other planets:

     Perhaps there are also other beings also made in God’s image? Imagine if these beings had a Bible just like ours! In one hit, evolutionism would be overturned. So while materialists think that the discovery of life in outer space may refute Christianity, in fact, exactly the opposite may be true!



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Monday, 08 August 2022